About Us

R’turn is an on-demand return service that makes returns seamless. Our aim is to make your life easier and for you not to have to worry about returns. We believe that every man and woman should shop freely, without having to worry about potential returns. By making returns as convenient and enjoyable as possible, we save you from the hassle of returns and the time you waste on returning items; so, you can spend more time doing what you love.


Our aim is to make returns as hassle-free as possible, simplifying the process from the start to finish. We make your life easy for you by doing returns.


It is important that we deliver our returns very quickly so that you can get refunded by stores quickly. We will do our best to be speedy, whilst offering you a superior service.


We will ensure that your items are returned correctly to the right store and make sure that you get credited back for the return at the soonest.


What is R’turn?

R’turn is a service that enables you to quicky, conveniently and affordably have your items picked up and returned to the retailers.

Can I return anything?

You can return anything other than oversized items, exceeding 15lbs or 20″x26″x26″. We may refuse to return an item if we notice that it is damaged, not in good condition or for any valid reason.

What is a return?

Any item(s) from a single purchase qualifies as one return. For example, if you have purchased 5 items in a single transaction/store and wish to return all of those items, all five items would qualify as one return.

Can I do more than one return at once?

Yes. You can do up to 4 returns in a single pickup.

How many items can I return?

You can return as many items as you wish per return, as long as it qualifies as one return i.e. the items must be part of the same order/purchase(please see above). We will ask for a receipt or order number for verification.

How much do you charge per return?

We charge $7.99 for the first return, $3.99 per additional return (same pickup).

How does the process work?

You can make a return request online, by SMS or on our application. You will choose the 1-hour window most convenient for you. We will then meet you at the requested location to pick up your return and make the return on your behalf. You will not need to print any return label, but we ask you that you provide us with a copy of the receipt/order either when you book your return or when we pick up your return. We always appreciate that you upload your receipt beforehand for a quick and smooth service.

Do you do online returns or in-store returns?

We do both.

How would an online return work?

For online returns, we ask you to either send us your reference number (or a copy of the order) or to initiate the return yourself on the retailer’s website. At your request, we can print the return labels and tape boxes, at no additional charges. We can bring boxes to you at an additional charge.

How does an in-store return work?

We do returns to stores in the same city as the pick-up location. We will ask for a copy of the receipt or proof of purchase. We will then pick up your item(s) and return them for you. You don’t have to worry about bags/boxes.

How long does a R’turn take?

For online returns, we will try our best to return the items on the same day, please allow up to 24 hours. For in-store returns, please allow up to 48 hours.

Where is R’turn available?

We are currently in New York City, and plan to expand to other cities in the future. If you are not in New York City, sign up here, and we will let you know when we’re in your city.

What if I have any other question?

Please contact us at info@rturn.co

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